Over the past year, Custom Products has continued to raise the bar in order to reach new standards of performance for our customers. For us, that means setting new goals, implementing new systems and exploring innovative ideas. In 2016, we purchased new equipment, made improvements to our inventory system, and enhanced the user experience on our website. We have set even higher goals for 2017 and it is important for us to continue advancing our services and providing new value to our loyal customers. The products we package, materials we design and our solutions to problems are all a part of supporting industrial and consumer goods manufacturing in Ohio.

We call Northeast Ohio home, but our reach stretches across the country. We are proud to work with the finest manufacturers in and out of state and continue to develop new relationships with companies, all while staying dedicated to serving our local communities. Our doors are always open whether you need assistance now or you are planning for the future. We aren’t going anywhere and our focus will never change.

Customer Focused — Every Time

Warm regards,

The Custom Products Team